Friday, January 12, 2007

5 Most Hated People

Well, I know it's not a cool start.. But here come the the 5 celebrities I hate most:

5- El Sobky
Who?: Movie Producer
I think he is dead guilty of ruining the public taste for arts, especially teenagers'. This guy really gives Egyptian cinema a bad name. His company is well known for the production of low comedies like El Limby, La7'met Ras, 3awdet Elnadla, and 3alaya Eltarab Beltalata. Only caring to feed his big fat purse by showering movie theatres with trash. He sure knows how to make his cheap product sell, from choosing the right timing (feasts and summer) to musical ads on all Arab satellite channels. The movie is usually accompanied with a soundtrack that is sure to stir controversy, whether for its bad language or shocking video clip. His newest way of promoting his latest movie was through having the movie star (Belly dancer, Dina) actually dance in front of downtown cinemas screening the movie!! It's amazing how far someone would go to make profits! Well, I don't care about the fortunes he makes out of all this, but what really earned him that place on my list is that the victims who pay for it are mostly children and teenagers. It's such a shame!

4- Amr Abdel Samee3
Who?: TV Host of the show 7alet 7om.. oops.. "7alet 7ewar"
Mr. Provokative hosts a TV which features many members of the government and pretends to tackle important current issues while questioning the performance of the government. Abdel Samee3 El Lamee3 in his turn pretends to exchange some Hard Talk with the guest(s). Even if his guest is a minister, he intentionally shows lack of respect, interrupting his every sentence, making silly comments, joking with bwa7'a while revealing his ugly teeth in what is supposed to be a sarcastic smile. YUK! But what are we left with? The show can go on for up to 2 and a half hours which are deadly boring (I challenge anyone to watch a whole episode), only to find out that there aren't in fact any problems. And even if there are, they are of our own making.. ungrateful citizens! Well, good job, you actually made it to my list!

3- Nervana Edrees
Who?: Ex-TV Hostess of "Al Qahira Al Youm" and "El Beet Betak"
Never in my life have I seen someone that bad on TV! Shallow, hypocritical, arrogant, provokative, misbehaved, ignorant and unable to form one correct sentence in Arabic (or any other language for sure)! Nervana is one of a kind. She should be taught to Media freshmen as the case of the worst TV hostess in history. Thanks to her brainless head, she got herself fired twice (from the Orbit Network and the Egyptian TV). Although it's a relief that I won't see her again on the screen, yet what I had suffered earlier made her earn this place on my list. I will never forget the day when she appeared on screen after being faced with her fabrication of stories by her co-host Amr Adeeb. This is hilariously dumb! Instead of doing her best to overcome this scandal, she went on accusing her colleague of gathering info mn 3al 2ahwa. She then said her historical phrase "2aloly".

2- Khaled El Gendy
Who?: I don't know what his job is. But surely he makes a living out of TV shows and private business.
Well, El Sheikh Khaled was skillful enough to take the place of Amr Khaled on my list. Unlike all the new-look religious talkers, El Gendy made it fast to the top and secured for himself a place in the public eye by making sure not to commit any of the common mistakes of his buddies, such as criticising the system, or calling for a muslim nation. He also makes sure to maintain good relations with the Muslim Brothers by promoting the things they care for most to spread in the street, like Hijab, and attacking free thinkers. El Sheikh also 'lesano taweel' on those who disagree with him. He has insulted great thinkers like Osama Anwar Okasha and Nawal El Sa'dawy, actually calling them names on live television, and describing them as crazy, without of course really discussing their views. He is also a business man, being a partner in many flourishing businesses like El Hatef El Islamy and others. Wow, what a modern man! I strongly recommend him for anyone who wants a tailored fatwa.

1- Abdalla Kamal
Who?: Editor of Rosa al Yousef
Why?: This guy's name should appear in the dictionary beside the word Hypocrite. But unlike our naive friend, Nervana, Kamal is the master of good play. This is what was meant to be the clone of Sameer Ragab, but without the jacuzzi. The new version of Ragab came with enhanced facilities: brand new lies, electric fraud, power swearing, and security air bags! This guy is leathal. Reading just one of his articles is guaranteed to cause high blood pressure. But once you start to show symptoms, try reminding yourself that it has actually become a badge of honor to get insulted in his articles. In fact, if he praised someone he will immediately earn a bad ripuation, or at least becomes questionable. I remember when I used to read Rosa every week. It was a highly respectable publication. Thanks to him, I never feel tempted to look at it. Kemo, you deserve to be number 1 on my list 3an gadara!

This was my list. Who will appear on yours?


Myra said...

Ah i have too many ppl in my list, who are all ruining ppl's minds...
Mahmoud Saad, Anees Mansour, Nea'am El Baz, Tamer Basiony, Hala Sarhan(i hateeeee her), Enas El deghedy, Ibraheem Nafe'a...etc
And by the way it's a very good start to your blog, thumbs up!

Fadfadation said...

ya3ny... nos. 1,2,4, and 5 are spot on!

As for El Gindi, well... i too don't like him sometimes talking disrepectively about people.

As for him and the MB part (being on their good side becuase he talks about Hijab...etc), will you say that about anyone who talks about Hijab being a fard??

That's not really fair to be honest.

Fadfadation said...

yoooh, i don't know why i keep messing up what i write...

the first sentence should have been:
"yaaa 3eny! numbers 1,2,4, and 5 are spot on!"


Om Luji said...

Thanks for sharing your list. I do agree with you. Those are examples of ppl who use their popularity to ruin minds. What makes things worse is that some of them can do much better, but they prefer playing it safe with the public, even if that means keeping the status quo.
Welcome to my blog and thanks for adding it on your Blogroll.

Om Luji said...

Welcome and thanks for your comment. I see we agree about all 5.
When I mentioned Hijab as an example I meant that it is one of the things which his talk revolves around. He stresses it in his speech and presents it as a core issue.
I don't dislike all those who talk about Hijab as "fard", as long as they keep it into prespective. It is just a way of dressing after all; and there are at least a thousand things we should address before our argument over Hijab becomes a priority.

Fadfadation said...

"I don't dislike all those who talk about Hijab as "fard", as long as they keep it into prespective. It is just a way of dressing after all; and there are at least a thousand things we should address before our argument over Hijab becomes a priority."

%100...howa daa el kalam :)

Salama Moussa said...

موضوع مثير ولطيف جدا .
بس أعتقد ان الشخصيات اللي حضرتك اخترتيها ينفع عليها وصف : أكتر 5 شخصيات تفسد عقول المصريين .
يعني أكيد مش محتاجين نتكلم عن السبكي وأفلامه (مع إني بسجل إعجابي بحمد سعد ومش هنكر اني بموت من الضحك من فيلم اللي بالي بالك) ، عمرو عبد السميع شخص بيعتقد انه ذكي جدا ومتعلم جدا وعنده القدرة على إقناع المشاهدين بإن الحرية في مصر وصلت للسما في حين إنه مجوف جدا وسطحي جدا وطبعا غلس جدا جدا .
نرفانا إدريس طبعا مثال للمواطن المصري لما يحاول يعيش في طبقة غير طبقته ويتمادي في الإدعاء والتظاهر بغير الحقيقة ، يعني سيادتها دايما تحاول تفهمنا انها هاي كلاس جدا ومش فاهمة الناس بيشتكوا من إيه بالظبط؟ في حين انها مش لاقية اي مشاكل في البلد .
خالد الجندي بقى ، المعلم الكبير بقي ، يا سلام عليه وهوه يوم بالجلابية والطاقية والسبحة ويوم تاني بالبدلة الفيرزاتشي والكرافات الفالانتينو ، كل مناسبة ليها عدتها ولبسها .. وكلامها .. يعني الفتوى للشباب غير للكبار ، والستات غير الرجالة ، والمصريات غير السعوديات وآهو كله أكل عيش.
أما الأستاذ عبدالله كمال فأنا شخصيا شايف انه لا يخلو من الموهبة الصحفية وإن كان هوه اختار طريقه بنفسه ، الراجل قاللك هقضيها نضال وكفاح وبطيخ ليه لما ممكن ألمع اللي محتاج تلميع وأغطي علي اللي عايز يتغطي وأشرشح للي يتشاورلي عليه ، وفي الآخر أبقى كمان رئيس تحرير مؤسسة ضخمة زي روزاليوسف .
ياللا ، قلبتي علينا المواجع يا ست أم لوجي .

Om Luji said...

begad ya3ni ya Salama wgoon wgoon wgoooooooooon. If I was not keen on being brief, I would have said everything u mentioned.
w3ala fekra "elli baly balak" is not a Sobky production.
I really wanna know ur list.

salama moussa said...

والله أنا سعيد إن "اللي بالك بالك" طلع مش من إنتاج السبكي فيلم كوربوريشن :)

بالنسبة لي ، صعب أحدد قائمة من خمسة ولا عشرة .. قولي عشرات .. ميات .. ألوف .. (شفتي السواد النفسي؟)
هوه بقى فيه حد عِدِل يا مدام أم لوجي؟ والنبي شاوريلي عليه ..

بس بوجه عام أي قائمة مش ممكن تخلو من عظيم العظماء ومحطم المعايير العالمية للابتذال السياسي السيد هائل الحجم كمال الشاذلي .. عضو البرلمان في مصر من عام 1965 وحتى الآن .. عضو جميع التنظيمات السياسية المنبثقة من الحكومة .. يعني بالصلاة على النبي الراجل معتقش من أول هيئة التحرير لحد الحزب الوطني ، مرورا بالاتحاد القومي والاتحاد الاشتراكي .. المهم يكون التنظيم في حضن الحكومة وفي نن عينيها .. وسحقا للمبادئ والقيم والشرف والباذنجان ..

كمان أي قائمة لازم يكون فيها القدير "المحترف" الصابر الصبور البشوش المبتسم دائما وابدا السيد الأستاذ ممدوح الليثي .. الراجل ده يا جماعة بجد يستاهل من الحكومة نظرة عطف شوية .. يعني عيب أوي الحكومة تعامل ولادها المخلصين زي كده .. الأخ الليثي ده بجد اتبهدل .. اتهم في شرفه .. وسكت .. قالوا عليه قواد (في حكم محكمة رسمي) .. وسكت .. قالوا عليه فاسد .. وسكت .. قالوا ده خلاص هيتكلم ويفضح اللي فوقيه .. لكنه برضه سكت .. وصان العيش والملح وأثبت إن الحكاية مش حكاية مصالح .. ده حب لله في لله .. ده عشق يصل لدرجة التعبد والوله في رحاب السادة والسيدات أصحاب المقامات الرفيعة ..

كمان مش هنسى العظيم الخالد في القلوب .. الرجل الذي جعل من "الكبسولات" أسطورة حية .. الرجل الذي أدخل الجاكوزي لبر مصر المفروسة .. السمير رجب .. يا سلام .. متهيألي مش محتاجين شرح أسباب .. كفاية كبسولة من عينة : "اللي أنا قاصده هوه عارف نفسه .. و .. و .. ولن أتركه" .. الله .. حاجة حقيقي عبقرية يا استاذ سمورة .. الراجل صحيح مبقاش في السلطة الصحفية خلاص لكن للأسف مش قادر أنساه ..

فيه كمان يا ستي واحدة مش فاكر اسمها ملكة ولا ملك ولا ايه .. هي بتلبس في البرامج التلفزيونية خير اللهم اجعله خير اسود في اسود وجوانتي اسود .. وبعدين بتديها بقى .. أطنان رجعية وهجوم وشتيمة على أي حد يجرؤ يشغل دماغه في أي حاجة ويخالف توجهاتها الحياتية .. سعادتها معينة نفسها حارسة للعقيدة الإسلامية (من منظورها الأسود للدنيا) .. ناهيك بقى عن الشكل (اللهم لا اعتراض طبعا) اللي كل تعليقي عليه انه مش مناسب للتليفزيون إلا كحاجة مسلية من باب الرعب (ماهو الرعب بيسلي برضه) .. حقيقي بهتف من قلبي ليها : يحيا التقزز ..

كفاية كده بقى .. مش لازم خمسة بالظبط .. القائمة أصلها طويلة وكلها بلاوي ..

Om Luji said...

Da2eman toseeb elhadaf ya Salama.. Eih elraw3a weltagally dah?! Wallahi enta 3ayezlak post lwa7dak.

Fe3lan nas moqazezza. Ya3ni they never heard about something called self-respect. I don't know how someone like Kamal El Shazly dah masalan is able to sleep at night. When he thinks about his life kedda and his history, doesn't he feel ashamed? Hya elnas di m3doomet ele7sas?
Mamdoo7 Ellessy dah masaln, kan elmafrood ykoon enta7ar mn zaman. Ya sater ya Rab..

Wel7agga elli eswed feswed di, esmaha Malaka. Bas mesh 3arfa Malaka eih? She is over awi. And she uses her whole body while screaming no matter what the issue is. They always tend to choose her to speak about sexual issues.. la2 whya bteb2a mota7amessa awi when she talks about a woman's right for sexual satisfaction. Dah kol elli te3rfo 3an 7o2oo2 elmar2a.

Da7na fzaman ma ye3lem beeh ella rabenna.

yasmine said...

Actually I don't believe that Ma7mood sa3d and Hala sar7an should be added to people who are rewining people's minds. I feel that they have a lot to give, however, our media is really lousy. omal b2a meen el kwyseen? sadaa2 Abo el s3ood w Booosy shalaby w nirvana? It restricts anything which sounds odd, or which might make somebody's position sensitive. I wanna discuss a very important point brdo. When I learned what happened for Hala sar7an because of her episodes about prostitutes, I was really furious. They said that she paid those girls to let them pretend as if they were real prostitutes. I watched some of those episodes myself. Let's think about the subject from a different point. Those girls seemed to be somehow rich. Their english was very good I remember. Will those girls really need to pretend so to take 200 pounds? those girls said that they were phoned by sb and were told that they would attend the show as audience, and that they were surprised that it was not the truth. She told them to act those roles, and she'll reward them, and that she promised that they wouldnt be recognized. tyb lw eftaradna en da 7asal...w enohom 7'adra el shareefa...why did they agreeee????? tab 7aga tanya...leh kabaro el mwdoo3 w wadooha f setin dahya y3ny? did she really mean to speak dirtily about Egypt as they said? gabet 7agat men bet-ha el 7agat di bte7sal w al3an bekteeeeeeeeer. El ahram wrote enaha betfabrek kesas 3shan tesawa2 som3et masr w tonshor el fa7shaa2...thats really funny. zy maykoonn kanet gyba shwyet el banat dool w 3amla el 7al2a 7'amsa aba7a. di kanet gyba shioo7' w drs btoo3 amrad nafseya and was tackling the issue in general. It was great walahy...hanefdal l7ad emta not admitting the things that are happening...sada2oony ya gama3a ento bto7komno 3aleeha wento msh fahmenha kwys...she is really least heya el wa7eeda ely edret tetkalem fel 7agat di bgd. ana mtab3aha men sa3et ma kanet f dream...wel 7al2a ely heya ettaradet besababha...remember it? she was discussing "masturbation" m3 shyoo7' w psychatrists w shabab...bgd this episode was great...ah heya garee2a awy...bas ya ba7'taha y3ny. bas fi 7aga mohema gedan. her show is being displayed 3ala kannah 3arabeya and not masreyya...and all the examples are egyptian, and thats not good. ok that's terrible, but did she have the chance to discuss sensitive topics like that on Egyptian tv, and she didn't sieze it? never... That's why she had to go to those who would estimate her correctly... ana msh m3aha 100% bas ana msh m3 enaha yet3emel feeha keda... and by the way, I heard an fi wa7da mel banat ely heya kanet mesta2belahom bent 7ad mas2ool kebeer...and thats why 3amalo el tamseleyya el sa7'eefa di...that sounds reasonable enough. Hala sar7an has a looooooot of enemies, and they got the chance to let her down, and unfortunatly, we, who are supposed to support her, are against her... anyways, Allaho a3lam tb3n el 7a2ee2a eh, bas that what appealed to me most.