Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Egypt beats Cameroon 4-2 in the African Cup of Nations

The Egyptian Team:
Egypt - Essam El Hadari 7, Mahmoud Fathallah 6, Sayed Moawad 6 (Shady Mohamed 90m, 6), Wael Gomaa 6, Hany Said 6.5, Ahmed Fathi 6, Hosni Abd Rabou 7.5, Mohamed Shawky 6, Mohamed Zidan 8 (Ahmed El Mohamady 68m, 6), Emad Moteab 6, Amr Zaki 7 (Mohamed Aboutrika 60m, 6)

Zidan! Where has this guy been?

Hosny Abd Rabboh: Exceptional performance

Hassan Shehatah: Why was he severely attacked? Why did many refuse that he should be given a chance? Why did they see his achievement in the precious championship as a stroke of good luck?

The Referee: Thumbs Down! Everybody could see that the penalty he counted for Cameroon during the last 5 minutes of the game had no reason!


Salama Moussa said...


welcome back

we have missed u


i disagree with u abt the grades

zidan deserves 9 or 9.5 if we were to judge him for the one chance that he missed in the beginning of the match. judjing his overall influence on the match, he deserves a full 10


same for honsi

hey, didnt know u r a wonderful football analyst as well

any other hidden talents?:))

welcome back dear

Om Luji said...

Hey, Salama. I missed you too. How are you? Glad that you are still following my blog in spite of my long absence.
I think the Egyptian team did great on the first match. Hope this will keep up the same performance. Fingers crossed.
As for the scores, they are not mine. I would give Zidan a 10/10 for sure. The guy is treasure.
Actually the scores are those of experts. I just added my bit about Zidan, Hosny, and Shehatah.
I kinda still discovering my talents (blush).. Ehm.. I gotta say that I have passion for football. I enjoy watching a good game.. Which of course means that I don't enjoy watching most of the matches of the Dawri :)

Alina Popescu said...

Welcome back! Never took you for a football fan, but this is great!

Arima said...

So glad that you're back! We all missed your presence in the blog world.
Very happy that Egypt won..though I didn't watch the game :-)

Ma 3lina said...

welcome bk om luji, u ve been missed by all of us

nd what a bigening !! did not knw tht ur a football watcher :)

I agree wiz salama that zidan deserves 9/9

kiss luji 4 me :)

Fadfadation said...

I think Hassan Shahata is a very good coach.

elaaaaaaaaaa ely fel sora...dy inty :P

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injis said...

Where are you?

Ghafari said...

Really where are you Um Luji, you are so missed, I came too late to your blog and I couldn't stop myself from reading most of your posts since you began writing, I hope that everything is TAMAM and you can come back and write your commentaries again, we really need your presence