Friday, September 28, 2007

5 Reasons Why I Wish I Was 3

I got this tag from Arima. It was a wonderful chance to relive this age. Thanks, Arima.

These are the 5 reasons why I wish I was 3:

1. Being pampered by everyone and receiving smiles everywhere I go.

2. Recieving toys and candy from my parents and their guests.

3. Having full control over my day: when to eat, sleep and play.

4. Wearing colorful ribbons on my hair and looking cute.

5. Being able to ask all the questions that roam inside my mind.

I tag Ma-3lina, Salama Moussa, Ravine, Fadfadation, Alina, Juka


Ma-3lina said...

I luv that tag very much nd ur answers r pretty funny especially the colorful ribbon thing and the candy :)))

will do it after Ramadan isa

SaRaH said...

Hehe I love your reasons and I would add eating sweets without worrying about my weight .. Bummer

Ravine85 said...

thanks for the tag! :D

Fadfadation said...

"5. Being able to ask all the questions that roam inside my mind."

Nothing seems to be stopping you....niahahahahahaha :p

Om Luji said...

Looking forward to reading your 5 reasons.
I really loved wearing ribbons a lot. I love colors, but now it's like everything is beige!

Om Luji said...


Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment. I definitely agree with this one. I think having to worry about one's weight is a curse.
You have a very nice blog. Wish to see more of you in the future :)

Om Luji said...


Missed you a lot. Your reasons are so cute :)

Om Luji said...


Mmmm..What's the evil laugh for?? You haven't seen enough yet :D
Waiting for your 5 ya Dracula of cyber space.

salama moussa said...

why 5 reasons? I think it'd be nicer 2 be: 3 reasons why i wish i was 3. Anyhow, I will add the following reason 2 ur nice reasons:

Being able to act freely in social occasions including shouting in the faces of unwelcomed guests:)

Om Luji said...

Hahaha.. nice one.
Wallahi ma3raf why 5 ya Salama. I got the tag this way. I also wish to shout in the face of unwelcomed guests, or anybody I don't like.

Alina Popescu said...

Great reasons! And thanks for passing it along. It was a nice tag to complete :)

Juka said...

Done :) Loved your top 5! Come to think of it.. there seems to be a buncha great things about being 3.. only I'm pretty sure back then I just wanted to be 16. Go figure!

Om Luji said...

Thanks dear. Loved your reasons a lot :) Seems it had been a great age.

Om Luji said...

Sorry to interrupt your Ramadan break. Happy Feast :) The tag was irresistable. Liked your 5 a great deal.

Ma-3lina said...

Happy feast :)))

salmili 3la louji we bosihali ad keda

Om Luji said...


Happy feast dear. May you have all that your heart desires. Luji kisses you back :)

Alina Popescu said...

Hey, I love your new header! Looks great!

Om Luji said...

Thanks, Alina. So glad you liked it. It took me so long to come up with this final look :)