Saturday, June 2, 2007


The title above doesn't have a typo. I got its idea after reading a wonderful article by Ali Al Safar in Modern Discussion. He believes that the Arabs in general are suffering from a coma. I can't agree more. I just wanted to be more specific. I mean no offence, but I think this title best describes how we as Egyptians, builders of the oldest civilization on Earth, have miserably failed to make use of the advantages of modern technology. Not only this, but we insist on living in a cocoon that allows no light or air to get through.

At the time when countries are rushing to achieve their development through science, technology and industrliasation, we watch and consume with our mouths wide open. As if what is happening doesn't concern us. As if we're saying "Shofto elmo3'afaleen.. They keep researching and working to make things that we can easily import and consume here." We then can send SMS to vote for Star Academy (the most famous academy in the Arab world), and send text messages to Melody,and chat for hours, and download videoclips, and download new funky ringtones... etc. Mash2alla. 7aga tefre7!
And aside from this consumption we lie in our own coma, with ideas powerful enough to send us to the Middle Ages with rocket speed. It was painful enough talking about the Mufti's latest fatwa, I felt disgusted to discuss another fatwa by Ezzat Attya concerning breastfeeding adults. I have just stopped by this headline in Al Masry Al Youm: "Disputes Among Members of the Islamic Research Council over the Prophet's Urine and Breastfeeding Adults." When I read the details I was not only buring with rage at those respectful sheikhs who waste their time over such pathetic topics, but my heart was filled with sadness at how our fates became in their hands. This coma we're suffering from seems to be of a severe kind. I'd better get prepared for a long sleep. It seems that I'm not destined to see my country rise and develop during my lifetime. It's my fate to read such topics in the news and be deprived of reading about an Egyptian scientific invention, or an Egyptian medicine, or an Egyptian car, or an Egyptian hosted World Cup, or an Egyptian solution to traffic problems, or anything that will give me something to say to my daughter when she asks me about what was achieved by our country during my lifetime. What do you suggest I say to her?


Ma-3lina said...

Oh Every time I read one of your topics it hurts , dont get me wrong u know i love ur posts coz it really makes me wonder , think .

still it's painful !

we r in coma from many years , i can't even recall when was the last time i heard a good news.

about the fatwa i didn't read the article coz i felt like throwing up when i read the title, it's really discusting

Can't believe that he made such fatwa ezai y3ni min feen tyb it drives me nuts

About inventions wanna tell u that there many inventions nd discoveries by egyptian scientis but no one help or care

i read many times about discovering new way to treat cancer by one of the Egyptian researches but all this smached under our system

Coz all the funds r stolen and they manage perfectly to destroy such gr88 minds that either travel somewhere else so that other countries benefit from their researches or they give up and in live in despair

ur daughter rabna ykrmha we y7fzha , I don't think she will ask that q coz 7atb2a 3arfa bel 7al

salama moussa said...

A suggested answer for Luji's question might be: We endured all these severe attacks on mind and reason without being changed or affected. Moreover, we did our best to spread the light of knowledge and enlightenment in the circles that we can reach by both our good actions and words.

Om Luji said...

Sorry for the painful posts. I've been getiing similar comments on my previous ones, so you're not the only one who finds my recent posts depressing. Bas begad I can't help it. As you said, there is no a single piece of good news. I can't imagine how some of those who are in positions which enable them to act and make a change just sit there doing nothing (in a worse scenario they may be even corrupt). Aren't those people worried about the future of their own country? Don't they want a better future for their children?

Om Luji said...

I am truely determined to make my daughter proud. Even when she sees all those sorrowful conditions, she will still be able to notice how I didn't just watch. As you said, it is already a challenge to stand your ground and hold on to your thoughts and values in the middle of this storm. I also want her to see that I was positive and active, doing everything I can to share in the development of my country.

Alina said...

Yes, coma is a great choice to describe a certain state of a people. I guess Romania is also there most of the times. We are trapped in our transition period. And we do not want to get out of it, out of our world of bribes and arrangements and laws applied only to some.

Very insightful post! Maybe if we all thought of what legacy we prepared for our children, things would actually improve.

Juka said...

I love the title.. it's a shame that it's true. I have faith (naive faith.. but faith nevertheless) that Darwin is right, and that only the best among the species will survive. Hence I'm just waiting for all the idiots to die out. Hoping. Praying.

Fadfadation said...
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Fadfadation said...

"but my heart was filled with sadness at how our fates became in their hands."

feen da? lol!
They only talk... that's what we became good talk and that's it.

Although i have to say there is a positive side to all this nonsense we are seeing around us.

"Everything is being talked about and criticised"...this is a step towards enlightment and democracy...

In other words...the image might not be as dim as we think it is :)

Om Luji said...

You make me realize there are many similarities between the situation in Egypt and in Romania. I believe we always tend to see ourselves as the sole sufferers in the world.
I can't understand how decision makers forget that their children will inherit this land. Why don't they plan for a better future? In Egypt, though, things got more complicated as politics and fundamentalist religious views are being tangled in such a way which makes it so difficult to bring about positive change. I am so worried.

Om Luji said...

You support Nietzsche's views then :) He predicted the emergence of a "superman" as a result of evolution and natural selection. But this will take thousands of years. I wish to see improvements during my lifetime. Keteer 3alaya ya3ni?

Om Luji said...

They talk but there are receptive ears, don't deny it. The effect of such trivial talks had a disasterous effect on the Egyptian mind lately. I feel the change around me. How can't you feel it?
On the other hand, criticism is always positive, but not the kind of criticism that only cares to tear down the system, or the kind of criticism that the Muslim Brothers members of parialment do. For example, criticising the governement for allowing movies which they don't approve of. This is not criticism, this is a waste of time and a distortion.

salama moussa said...

Juka and Om Luji: I like this link with evolution theories and perspectives, whether attributed to Darwin or Nietzsche. But I wonder how many idiots in Egypt that might be vanished? And how many will stay? And the most imp question is that what if this law is going to apply to countries not only humans? What will be the fate of Egypt as a whole alongside around 45 arabic and islamic states?!

Ravine85 said...

It's funny how there was a lot more fuss involved with breast feeding of adults compared to cadaveric organ donation. Because making sure your colleague mo7aram 3aleiky by any means possible no matter how ludicrous is MUCH more important than the fact that we're so far behind countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran when it comes to saving lives and putting restrictions on organ theft.
It seems that a large number of ppl in this country will not rest until we're riding camels agains.

Om Luji said...

You are right, we are in danger of extinction if this law applies to countries. But nobody will care enough to consider these theories, you know that Darwin and Neitzche are just crazy athiests in their eyes. Ham yda7ak.

Om Luji said...

Yeah, they may even forbid women to ride on male camels.. Oh my God!Where are we heading?