Tuesday, May 15, 2007


A student dies while waiting to salute the Minister of Education. Click here to read>>

This is better left without any comment from my side. But ever since I heard about this tragedy, I felt that if I don't let out my rage I could explode at any moment, or even get a heart attack. So, please allow me to use this post to pour out the pain that is tearing my heart since yesterday, when I first learned about the death of Amira, the 11 year old student from Qenna. May she rest in peace, away from the burning sun which took her life in mercy maybe. It's enough what Amira has already suffered from this rotten educational system, that the visit of the minister finally comes to put an end to it all.

Usually when you know about such tragedies it is the official comments which makes you even more furious. That's how I felt while listening to Mr. Medhat Ahmed, Deputy of the ministry of education in Qenna, as he enthusiastically struggles to defend his excellency the minister and seeking to prove that his visit had nothing to do with the death of Amira. His first sentence was "His excellency's plane landed in Qenna at 9:00 am. It took him then 30 mins to reach the school afterwards. The students didn't wait that long, and this girl was already sick and had high temperature." Yaaaaaaaaaaaah.. How can a person be that thick-skinned? How can a human being reach this degree of heartlessness that he doesn't even express any kind of sorrow at the lost innocent soul? How can hypocrisy take over to such extent?

Ba2a kedda? It was the girl's fault? As if she chose to rush out of her school to stand in the sun while she is sick to salute the minister? The only important thing is that his excellency's hands are clean. He didn't kill anyone.

Wallahi if God chose to ease Amira from this life at this moment, then she was murdered once again by this man, who only cares about keeping his chair and proving his loyalty to his minister. And although I don't believe in ghosts, I pray that her ghost will haunt him all his life. As to the minister, he is already murdering our children every day by insisting to be received with qeues of hailers every time his highness decides to visit a school. 3ala ra2y Mr. Medhat Ahmed, "He's not less than his excellency the Governor who has similar receptions every time he visits a town." How can those people sleep at night? I wonder.

After hearing this man speak, the only thing that popped into my mind was Adel Imam saying, "Shafakom allah w3afakom ya ostaz Medhat." As long as people like you exist, we can never have hope in a better future.


Unique Muslimah said...

I'm not so good at reading arabic, sniff. So I couldn't read it but I got the idea from your post and it made me feel like throwing up, at how inhumane these people can be. Da beyehsal leh? I'm so sad and disappointed. But inshallah if there is one like this man, I hope there are 10 good men to help us out of this mess. Allah yerhamha :(

Ravine85 said...

Damn that's so sad :(
That reminds me of something similar (not as horrible as a little girl dying) but when we were 10-11 yr olds they insisted they wanted the "honor class" students to wait and meet somebody. One girl kept telling them how she needed to go the bathroom over and over and they just kept yelling at her and telling her that she couldn't till she actually lost control of her bladder right there and then. Poor thing was mortified.

Om Luji said...

Unique Muslimah:
I hope there are 10 who just have your tender feelings and who understand that they are working for the students not for the minister. Thanks for sharing your feelings and sorry for causing you much sadness. Rabenna yer7amha.

Om Luji said...

Your story proves that these brutal actions against students have been going on since long. This time the tragedy reached its maximum limits. Yet, it seems they don't give a damn.

Unique Muslimah said...

aww thank you habibty.